Sunday, September 8, 2013

Dazed and Confused (1993)

“You just gotta keep on livin', man. L-I-V-I-N.”

The Story:

Alice Cooper is blaring on every car stereo and 8-track player near Lee High School and its surrounding suburbs. It’s May 28th, 1976, which happens to be the last day of school. Though it’s still a couple of hours until the final bell rings, party plans are being made, joints are being rolled, and kegs are en route for delivery. Everyone from the incoming freshmen class to the rising (and repeating) seniors are about to embark on a night that’ll kick off another unforgettable summer.

Private Lessons (1981)

"My breasts, how do you like them?”
"Oh, they're, uh...very nice."
"Would you like to touch them?"

The Story:

Instead of going to camp this year, 15 year old Philly (Eric Brown) is planning on spending his summer vacation with his buddy. Together, the two spy on girls and engage in ill-informed sex talk. However, Philly is about to be very informed because the new French housekeeper (Sylvia Kristel) is apparently an insatiable nymphomaniac who is all too eager to give him some private lessons. Philly (and the audience) is obviously confounded because it’s certainly too good to be true…right?

Wet Hot American Summer (2001)

"Andy, have you seen my swimming buddy? If I can't find him, I'm telling Beth that you let him drown.”
"I was busy!"

The Story:

Summer 1981 is winding down to a close, and it’s the last day at Camp Firewood, which means something a little bit different for everyone. Some campers are still in search of that elusive summer love, while some just want to get laid one last time. Still others are concerned with serious stuff like accepting themselves and overcoming their Vietnam war demons (it’s an eclectic crew!). The common thread amongst them all? Dodging responsibility, partying down, and preparing for the big talent show that‘ll cap off the year’s camp season…if a rogue satellite doesn’t fall from orbit and crush them all first?!

Monika (1974)

"The models are all full figured. Do you like thick women?"
“No. But you don’t always have the choice.”

The Story:

Blonde and beautiful Monika (Gloria Guida) isn’t just turning 16 in two weeks, she’s also turning the heads of every male in town. While she is popular at school, Monika can’t seem to find a suitor to match her intelligence nor handle her sexual restraint. Wanting her first time to be special and realizing her current boyfriend Leo (Gianluigi Chirizzi) is a pig who doesn’t respect her, she sets her sights on her teacher, Bruno (Andrés Resino), who represents everything she believes a man should be; honest, artistic and sweet. Lurking around every corner is a deplorable lawyer named Moroni (Paolo Carlini), who is friends with Monika’s family and has no qualms with paying the skeevy pimp Leo for sexual favors from the high school girls he beds. It seems the whole town sees Monika on top of their self-indulgent sexual sundae with infatuation fuelled by what’s between her legs instead of what’s in her heart. 

Friday, May 31, 2013

The Hangover Part II

"It happened again.."
"Seriously, what is wrong with you three?"

The Story:

Two years after their epic misadventure in Vegas, Phil (Bradley Cooper), Doug (Justin Bartha), and Alan (Zach Galifianakis) gather in Thailand for Stu’s (Ed Helms) wedding. Even though he’s intensely paranoid about hanging out with “The Wolfpack,” Stu is eventually convinced to have a couple of drinks a few days before the wedding. Of course, he, Allan, and Phil end up with an intense case of déjà vu when they wake up in a seedy motel room in Bangkok and have no idea how they got there. Even worse, they’ve managed to lose Stu’s fiancee’s little brother, which is sure to piss off his future father-in-law who already hates him.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Endless Summer (1966)

“Many surfers ride summer and winter, but the ultimate thing for most of us would be to have an endless summer; the warm water and waves without the summer crowds of California. The only way to do this is by travelling around the world, following the summer seasons as it moves around the world.”

Bachelor Party (1984)

"Let's have a bachelor party with chicks and guns and fire trucks and hookers and drugs and booze!”
"Yeah! Yeah yeah! All the things that make life worth living for!"

The Story:

When party animal Rick Gassko (Tom Hanks) does the unthinkable by getting engaged to his girlfriend Debbie (Tawny Kitaen), his buddies (led by ringleader Adrian Zmed) respond the only way they know how: by planning the wildest bachelor party ever. Debbie makes Rick promise that things won’t get too crazy, which is a good idea since her dad (George Grizzard) hates him. In fact, he hates him so much that he hires Debbie’s sleazebag ex-boyfriend (Robert Prescott) to ruin the boys’ night out.

Malibu High (1979)

"Look mom, I'm 18 years old and I can do whatever I want!”

The Story:

High school senior Kim (Jill Lansing) is a total flunkie who is in danger of failing all of her classes and not graduating. She also just got dumped by her boyfriend for the town’s snobby little rich girl. These problems aren’t going to solve themselves, so she decides to improve her lot in life by seducing her teachers for better grades; before she knows it, she’s screwing her way to the top of her class. A naughty schoolgirl by day, she even starts taking customers on the side by becoming a working girl to make some money of her own!