Monday, March 19, 2012

The Stoned Age (1994)

"Tack, you cack!"

The Story:

Word on the street is Crump's brother (Michael Wiseman), well known across town for almost killing a Samoan dude, is back in town... and he's got some ladies lined up down by the Frankie Avalon place in Torrance Beach. As the story spreads like wildfire, two long-haired stoners named Joe and Hubbs (Michael Kopelow and Bradford Tatum) cruising their Blue Torpedo Volkswagon learn from a goofball named Tack (Clifton Collins Jr.) that these chicks aren't just any chicks... they're fine chicks! After hitting Tack up for his share of gas money (all of it) and immediately ditching his ass at the station, the boys hit the road in search of the fine ones. Little do they know that a new word is passing through the grapevine and the tough as nails Crump's brother has found out these scruffy high school kids are trying to worm his chicks!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Project X (2012)

"Is this big enough to be cool?”

The Story:

For his 17th birthday party, Thomas’s (Thomas Mann) buddies have decided to give him the ultimate gift: a huge party that will enable all of them to be popular. They’ve even hired a nerdy kid from the A/V club to capture all of the footage, which ends up being a chronicle of one of the most outrageous house parties of all time when a horde of guests descend upon the neighborhood.