Friday, December 23, 2011

Mon oncle Antoine (1971)

“What am I doing here, Benoit? I'm not happy. I'm not made for the country. I hate it here. I wanted to buy a hotel in the States. Your aunt wouldn't let me. She says no to everything. I'm afraid of corpses. I've been afraid of corpses for 30 years! I work for everybody. Your aunt never gave me a child. I have to take care of other peoples' children. I raise Carmen and you. Haven't I done all I could for you?”

The Story:

On a 1940s Christmas Eve in wintry Quebec, young Benoit (Jacques Gagnon) unexpectedly begins an odyssey of self-discovery at his uncle Antoine’s (Jean Duceppe) general store. Little does he know that he’ll end up in the remote house of the Poulin clan, whose patriarch has just set off on his own journey. Both paths inadvertently intersect when tragedy befalls the home, leading to Benoit’s epiphany about the nature of both life and death.