Saturday, April 7, 2012

Joysticks (1983)

"The kids play with their joysticks day in and day out; jerking them back and forth, sweating on them and they don’t even clean them off when they’re through!"

The Story: 

With chicks hanging off each arm, Jeff Bailey (Scott McGinnis) runs River City’s arcade, the local headquarters for teens to get away from their parents and trade quarters for video game action. Other than rare altercations with the moronic punker, King Vidiot (Jon Gries) and his followers, everyone from the cute little rich girl to the hapless nerd to the unkempt fat man get along in perfect harmony amidst the faint glows of the game machines. That is, until bellyacher Rutter (Joe Don Baker) gets a stick up his ass because his young daughter keeps hanging out at this misunderstood establishment he considers a cesspool of depravity. Along with his duo of goofball nephews, they vow to shut down the arcade and bring good moral standing back to the misled youth that video games are tarnishing.