Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The First Time (1968)

"You guys are acting like a bunch of sex fiends!"

The Story:

Kenny’s (Wes Stern) dad has a job that requires a lot of relocating, so he soon finds himself forced to move when his dad takes a new position. This separates Kenny from his buddies, Mike and Tommy (Ricky Kelman and Wink Roberts), whom he still stays in touch with by writing letters. One of his correspondences mentions a Canadian whorehouse he frequents, so the Mike and Tommy hop on a bus with the intentions of joining their buddy on his exploits. The only problem is that said exploits are entirely fictional, so the three guys head to the Great White North in search of a house of ill repute that doesn’t even exist; instead, they find a normal girl (Jacqueline Bisset) whom they mistake as a prostitute.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Hardbodies (1984)

"Southern Comfort, is that your handle? "
"Yeah, I’m a little aged, but I go down smooth. "

The Story: 

Good-hearted malingerer Scotty Palmer (Grant Cramer) has finally pushed his landlord too far and finds himself without a place to live, crashing on the beach with nothing but a blanket and some beer. A natural with the ladies and hotshot bullshitter, Scotty insists that “dialogue” is the key to a woman’s heart – even if said dialogue rarely comes from his own. His girlfriend, Kristi (Teal Roberts) and best dude, Rag (Courtney Gains) are the only people he isn’t constantly trying to get over on, as three thirty year-olds soon find out when they discover him joyriding with babes in their convertible. The trio asks Scotty for tutelage on how to score with the beach’s many Hardbodies, even going so far as to offer him hundreds of dollars a month and the use of their luxurious beach house as a home and party pad in return. With his back against the wall, the reluctant Scotty sees he has no choice and takes on the arduous task of turning the sleazy businessmen into babe magnets.